Fiche Film
MOYEN Métrage | 1996
My Footsteps in Baragua
Pays concerné : Cuba
Durée : 53 minutes
Genre : société
Type : documentaire


Réalisatrice : Gloria Rolando


My Footsteps in Baragua
Migration has been and is a constant theme in the life of the people of the Caribbean. In this documentary Rolando gives us a view of Baragua, Cuba, through the stories and customs of the English speaking West Indians and their descendants. For some, there is always the nostalgia for the country to which they will never return; others express their total rootedness in today’s Cuba. The youngest will nevertheless be able to learn of their ancestry and better understand the origins of the English surnames they have. Direct testimony does not preclue the poetry present in the environment of the old sugar barracks, the re-creation of traditional music and dance such as the Maypole, and the use of old photos that allow us an imaginary approach to that past. These immigrants represent two cultures: that of the English colonizers and the genuine one born under the Caribbean sun with the mixing of African rythms. In Baragua, all the roots merge into a common trunk. « My Footsteps in Baragua » is an important contribution to the history of Africans in Cuba, and to the study of the African diaspora at the end of the 20th century.

Dir: Gloria Rolando
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