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Christy « Admiral T » Campbell

Chanteur/euse, Acteur/trice


Chanteur et acteur guadeloupéen.

Issu d’une famille de 10 enfants, il a grandi dans le ghetto de Boissard à Pointe-à-Pitre où il découvre la culture reggae-dancehall.
C’est en 2001 que le grand public de Métropole fait la connaissance de Christy Campbell plus connu sous le pseudonyme d’Admiral T.
Des tubes comme Gwadada ou Rèv An Mwen exposent toute la sincérité et le talent de cet artiste déjà reconnu aux Antilles, sa région d’origine.
L’engouement national sera immédiat et amènera l’artiste à se produire dans des salles mythiques telles que l’Élysée Montmartre, l’Olympia ou Le Zénith de Paris. Il devient au fil des années le nouveau représentant francophone d’un style alors peu connu en France, le dancehall. Il délivre dans chacune de ses apparitions discographiques un message fort d’unité, de fierté et de combativité.

Il joue Josua, un des deux rôles principaux du film NEG MARON (J.C. Barny, 2005).



Admiral T, whose real name is Christy Campbell, is a French singer of reggae-dancehall music. Besides Francky Vincent, he is one of the most popular and successful Guadeloupean singers. He is also a designer and the creator of the clothing trademark WOK LINE.

Over the years, highly supported by popular success, Admiral T has gained recognition as undisputed spearhead in reggae-dancehall in creole language. He has become one of the top icons in modern West- Indian music.

The artist’s first album- Mosaic Kréyol- released in 2003, which later on became a classic, already symbolized a claim for cultural identity and the right for any community to be acknowledged.

In the West Indies, the beginning of this century has been marked by an all-out effort to tackle the question of identity in territories where the scars and stigmata of slavery are manifold. However, it is now necessary that our West Indian communities should turn to the future in order to blend with others in an overall context of globalization.

Being limited by the size of our islands, we naturally open up to the outside world. What with our languages, our experiences, and our vision, we have the power and the duty to send our messages further across and find a part to play within the world.

Dancehall is not just a musical style, for it has become the representation of a whole people for whom words convey meanings. Besides, if we were to assign a specific mission to « Dancehall Kréyol », it would undoubtedly be the expression of a reality and a universe of its own, making it so special and worthy of respect.

The whole production stems from a desire to move forward and faith in the future.

This new album bears the hallmark of ADMIRAL T : respect for human values, strong links with the caribbean communities, belief in hard work, a will to transcend himself, and the importance of family.

He has created an album both intimate and wide open to people, which he intends to share with an ever-inreasing audience.

When it all started, ADMIRAL T and his music were able to go beyond limits thanks to popular support. Let’s keep this support alive to give that créole culture a chance to reach out and hit the horizon.

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