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Mkamzee Mwatela (Usha)



Mkamzee – her name means “the wife of the owner of the home” in her native Taita language – is the star of the MALI enterprise.

Mkamzee’s upbringing was a regular urban one. She attended the Nairobi Primary School where her father was a teacher.

She went to the renowned Moi Nairobi Girls’ School for her secondary education and then on to Saint Mary’s for the international Baccalaureate programme. The IB course was the beginning of the life she is living now. Because of the structure of the IB programme, and her area of study, she found herself doing theatre productions in the two years she was at Saint Mary’s, paving the way for a theatre career after graduation.While waiting to join university after the IB programme, she went to audition for a musical at the national theatre. She and her friends auditioned just for fun.  Her IB training paid off and she landed the lead role (as Sarafina in the musical of the same name) and was even paid to do the job.

After three years on stage [2003 to 2006], she finally joined the State University of New York in Buffalo to study film and theatre. It should have been a wonderful time but she was so miserable there that she dropped out after just one semester, and returned home.

Her extraordinary talent has enabled her to act in programes like Tahidi High, Better Days and Siri. Mkamzee is popularly known as Usha due to her role in Mali. She acts as the second wife of Mr. Mali and comes out as unapologetic lady.
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