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Brian Ogola



Brian is a Kenyan actor. He first started acting professionally after high school. He was in a musical called Color Of God at the All Saints Cathedral. That followed with the sequel Color Of God 2. From there on he got his first big break and that was a Village Musical in 2012 and a musical called Gangsters Paradise where he got to work with prolific actors such as Mugambi Nthiga. He was the director and the kind of growth he experienced, as an actor, under his wing was humbling.

In 2012 he his acting-coach David D. Morin at an acting seminar; ‘Hollywood Acting 101’ who taught him how to be a professional and how to handle the business side of showbiz as his very first lesson.

Not long after that, he worked with Seth and Daisy Busolo who ‘head-hunted’ him from a mutual friend and colleague. They worked on a play; Poison Ivy which was a huge success.

His first notable TV role was as ‘Ben Juma’ on award winning series Lies That Bind and barely a year later the rising star landed a title role- alongside seasoned actress Lizz Njagah– on Maisha Magic’s new drama Jane and Abel.

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