Fiche Personne

Amel Bouzid



Productrice tunisienne (Borak Films et Novak Prod).
Elle est établie à Bruxelles, Belgique.


Originally from Tunisia, Belgium has become my country of adoption. I have spent the last two years honing my professional experience working as a Production Assistant in Belgium with Olivier Dubois, a Producer with Novak Prod, as well as in Tunisia for the shooting of a number of films in the capacity of 1st and 2nd Assistant to the Director, Assistant to the Producer and Director of Production, including for co-productions with Italy. This experience has given me a comprehensive view of the responsibilities involved in the film production chain. My studies in 2007 at IAD (Belgium) leading to a diploma in audiovisual production, allowed me to acquire the legal, financial and creative knowledge required to work as a film producer and spurred the creation of Borak Films.

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