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Achref Amri

Producteur/trice, Monteur/se, Producteur/trice exécutif/ve, Directeur/trice de production


Monteur et producteur tunisien.

Parfois crédité sous le nom de

Il est Chef de Développement, Directeur de Production et Producteur exécutif, pour South By South West (SSW Films), La Marsa, Tunisie.


Tunisian Film Editor and Producer.

His alternate name

Ashref studied editing and production at the Arts and Media High School of Tunis. Although in his early thirties, he has a long term experience in film and media development, 2D and 3D animation and web technologies. Ashref is particularly competent in helping clients convey their message and deals with all aspects of marketing. He worked extensively across a fair number of commercial and corporate films, securing access and talent as well as pitching to agencies such as Tracy, Havas, Ogilvy and Pointcarre TBWA.
With South by South-West, Ashref has had the opportunity to take part in different projects, from development and producing all the way to editing and post-production. He notably acted as a SFX supervisor for the feature documentary « ZERO ! » (2014) produced by South by South-West and Computer Graphic Studio and as a Production Manager for « MUSTAFA Z » (2017), Nidhal CHATTA’s latest feature.
He presently acts as Line Producer and Head of Development, seeking business opportunities and partnerships across the entire range of the company, hence strenghtening the strategic development of South by South-West.

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