Namibian Premiere of South African movie « State of Violence »
African Perspectives Movie Evening. Curator: Hans-Christian Mahnke


AfricAvenir presents Namibian Premiere of South African movie « State of Violence ».

In this new take on a tale of revenge, the story captures the fast-changing social, racial and economic forces that prevail in the present day South Africa. Bobedi, a 35-year-old black businessman, goes on a journey through Johannesburg in a quest to avenge his wife’s attack.

A young woman, Joy, commits suicide a few weeks after being attacked in her home by two young thugs. Her husband Bobedi, a wealthy 35-year-old businessman with a militant, political past, puts his faith in the law to resolve the case. When the law fails him, Bobedi’s life spirals out of control.

Venue: STUDIO 77
Craft Centre Independence Avenue / Tal St Windhoek- Central

Programmateur : Hans-Christian Mahnke
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