Le cercle brisé
Nikunja expose a l’Institut français de Maurice du 24 Novembre au 18 Décembre 2011 des peintures, installations et vidéo, qui interrogent le spectateur sur ses cercle d’enfermement communautaire et culturel.


The Broken Circle is an interdisciplinary art exhibition, which questions through installation, video art and painting, patterns of perception and behaviours and the role of the spectator. In particular it evokes the notion of failure and mistake as a necessary tool of human creation and evolution. The domination of our world by the flawless presence of the calculation machine (the computer) tends to exclude the human mistake, and represents the PERFECT CIRCLE, the all-containing. But this illusion of perfection, in images, religious, economical and political strategies and social communication, covers up the important creative potential of individual imperfection and humanity as an imperfect civilization, a civilization constantly in the making. The mind-dominated perfection of the digital calculation reality puts to danger the evolutionary potential, since it does not valorise the mistake, the creative chaos. The acceptance of imperfection, mistake and failure is at the basis of humility, love and justice, the main qualities necessary for human civilization.
The Temporary Autonome Zone of Art is the only zone, where the individual and the society may interrogate its origins and its future, free of convention, ideology, and political and economical motivation.
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