AfricAvenir screens « Teza » by Haile Gerima
AfricAvenir & FNCC present Teza by Haile Gerima, Winner Fespaco 2009, on September 12, 2012 | 18h30. Namibian Premiere. Entry free


AfricAvenir and the Franco Namibian Cultural Centre (FNCC) present the film premiere

Teza – a film by Haile Gerima

by Director Haile Gerima| Ethiopia/Germany 2008 | Amharic, with English subtitles | 140 min

Wednesday, 12. September 2012, 18h30
FNCC, Entry free

is set in Germany and Ethiopia, and examines the displacement of African intellectuals, both at home and abroad, through the story of a young, idealistic Ethiopian doctor, Anberber.
The film chronicles Anberber’s internal struggle to stay true, both to himself and to his homeland, but above all, Teza explores the possession of memory – a right humanity mandates that each of us have – the right to own our pasts.

After studying medicine abroad in Germany for several years, Anberber returns home to Ethiopia only to find his beloved Ethiopia, and soon the quiet of his dreams, stifled and disarrayed by the country’s political tumoil.
Seeking escape from the center of violence, Anberber turns to the solace of his countryside childhood home, but quickly realizes that there is no shelter there. The competing forces of the military and opposition factions usurp the comfort he thought the memories of his youth would invoke.

About the director:
Haile Gerima is an independent filmmaker of distinction who has served as a distinguished professor of film at Howard University in Washington D.C. since 1975. Born in Ethiopia, Gerima is perhaps best known as the writer, producer, and director of the acclaimed 1993 film « Sankofa ».
Following in the footsteps of his father, a dramatist and playwright, Gerima studied acting in Chicago before entering UCLA film school, where his exposure to Latin American films inspired him to mine his own cultural legacy. After completing his thesis film, « Bush Mama » (1975), Gerima received international acclaim with « Harvest: 3000 Years » (1976), an Ethiopian drama that won the Grand Prize at the Locarno film festival.

After the award-winning « Ashes & Embers » (1982) and the documentaries « Wilmington 10-U.S.A 10,000 » (1978) and « After Winter: Sterling Brown » (1985), Gerima filmed his epic « Sankofa » (1993). This formally ambitious tale of a plantation slave revolt was ignored by U.S. distributors, but Gerima tapped into African American communities, and booked sold-out screenings in independent theaters around the country.

In 1996, Gerima founded the Sankofa Video and Bookstore in Washington, DC., a cultural and intellectual space that offers opportunities for self-expression, interaction, discussion and analysis through community events such as film screenings, book signings, scholar forums and artist showcases. Gerima continues to distribute and promote his own films, including his most recent festival success « Teza » (2008), which won the Jury and Best Screenplay awards at the Venice Film Festival and the Golden Stallion at the PanAfrican Film Festival FESPACO in 2009. He also lectures and conducts workshops in alternative screenwriting and directing both within the U.S. and internationally.


– FESPACO 2009 – Golden Stallion of Yennenga for Best Film, UN Fight Against Poverty Prize, Zain Prize
– Venice Film Festival 2008 – Special Jury Prize, Osella For Best Screen Play, CinemAvvenire Award
– Carthage Film Festival 2008 – Golden Tanit, Best Screenplay, Best Cinematography
– Rotterdam Film Festival 2009 – Dioraphte Award
– CinemAfrica Film Festival 2009 – CinemAfrica Film Festival Prize
– Thessaloniki Film Festival in Greece 2009 – The human Values Award
– Dubai International Film Festival 2009 – Best Composer Award
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