Haïti Movie Award 2012
2ème édition


Deuxième édition de cérémonie de remise de trophées, dénommée « Haïti Movie Award » et organisée par Motion Picture Association of Haïti.

Créée en Haïti en 2008, « Motion Picture Association of Haïti » est une association à but non lucratif, dont l’un des objectifs consiste à promouvoir le cinéma haïtien sur le marché international.

Sélection totale : 55 films.

7 catégories :
* meilleur film ;
* meilleur acteur ;
* meilleure actrice ;
* meilleur réalisateur ;
* meilleur documentaire ;
* meilleur scenario original
* meilleur comédien.

John Hancock Hall
Boston, MA


The Event

Motion Picture Association of Haiti, Inc (MPAH) is pleased to announce that it will be having its second annual movie award on October 7, 2012 at the prestigious John Hancock Hall in Downtown

The purpose of the ceremony is to honor the hard work of historically important artists that have been an essential cornerstone in shaping the Haitian movie industry. We will also reward the current efforts of the vibrant talents in the Haitian movie industry today.

There will also be a series of special awards including one for humanitarian figures that gave themselves to the cause of Haiti and the earthquake aftermath.

1. Lifetime Achievement Award & Prix D’excellence Award Recepient
Motion Picture Association of Haiti will award Languichatte Debordus the Lifetime Achievement Award (post-humerous).
The Entire cast including His wife Ginette Beaubru (Melanie) along with their son, Marie Andre (Mantoute), Theodore Beaubrun Junior (Barnabe), Marc-Antoine Delsoin (the son of belated Renal Delsoin » AZIBE »), Marjorie beaubrun (Nola) & the Famous Raynald Delerme (BABA) will receive the Prix D’excellence Award in person on October 7th. A few other Beaubruns from around the globe will also be present for this special moment.

2. Voting
Starting this year, All voting will take place by SMS Texting.
Every Haitian around the globe (Including many without access to computer) will be able to compose 1 text and vote for their favorite stars. (system will discard all additional votes from the same number)

3. Phone APP
Starting at the end of May, the Motion Picture Association of Haiti Movie Award will have an Iphone and an Android App available for smart phone users. Important details about the event will stream from the phone apps first.

4. Hollywood Actors
This year we are expecting more Hollywood actors to take part of the event

5. The Movies
A total of 55 Movies were considered for this award.
The top 20ish will make it to the next round for voting by the public and eventually by the movie critics and jury for a final score.

6. Host & Hostess
The Hostess for the event will be Betty Lemite. The search committee will select the Host soon.
For more information about this upcoming event, you may contact us at [email protected]

Philippe Niang the director of the movie Toussaint Louverture will be one of our special guests at the 2012 Haiti Movie Awards. Philippe Niang will be honored by MPAH in recognition of his masterpiece film »Toussaint Louverture« . A special award will be given to director Philippe Niang.
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