Screening’Tey’ in Glasgow + Discussion with Saul Williams & AiM 2012 Wrap Up
At 4PM. Followed by a discussion with musician/poet/writer/actor Saul Williams. And later on the same evening, he will be doing a spoken word performance.


Screening of’Tey’ (Aujourd’hui), Glasgow, Friday 30 November

Venue: SWG3, 100 Eastvale Place, Glasgow, G3 8QG
Date: Friday 30 Nov, 4pm
Entry: £5. Tickets will be available on the door – CASH ONLY
Tickets can reserved in advance via Email : natalia (@)africa-in-motion.org.uk

After closing an incredibly eventful and successful Africa in Motion Film Festival only a matter of weeks ago, we are delighted to be screening French/Senegalese director Alain Gomis’ stunning feature film ‘Tey’ (Today) to Glasgow audiences. During this year’s festival we screened the film to a sold-out audience in Edinburgh. This week, we will give Glasgow audiences the opportunity to see this incredible film, with the added treat of a post-screening discussion with the film’s main protagonist, African American artist Saul Williams.

In the film, Saul plays Satché, a strong, healthy man, yet today is the last day of his life. Satché recounts his past as he ambles through the familiar streets of his Senegalese home town for the last time. As if on a quest to leave his relationships in peace, he journeys from his parents’ house to his first love, to the friends of his youth, to his wife and children. Satché experiences his concluding moments full of fear, yet exuding serenity. Followed by a congregation of admirers, he weaves through the streets with an unwavering focus on his death foretold. Meditative and exotic, the film is a poetic and experimental narrative that prompts the audience to contemplate their own mortality.

Saul Williams is an acclaimed poet, musician, writer and actor. He defied his genre’s precious reputation and tore voraciously into the guts of life, groping after the exalted and transcendent sex sensations that make it all worth living. His early success led to collaborations with the likes of Erykah Badu, Nas, The Roots and Zack De La Rocha, and descended as much from KRS One and Public Enemy as Allen Ginsberg and Amiri Baraka, he was a new kind of poet. Scholar to cerebral street sermonizer, breakout indie actor to hallucinatory hip-hop alchemist, dreadlocked mohawk rockstar to poet. Throughout all these chaotic ventures, Saul Williams has been one steady thing: an uncompromising voice determined to tap the adrenaline centre of his existence with any tool he can get his hands on.

Following the screening of’Tey’, Saul will take part in a discussion of the film, and later on the same evening, he will be doing a spoken word performance in SWG3. Doors for the evening performance will re-open at 7pm. For more details on Saul’s performance, please see: SWG3: Saul Williams

AiM 2012: Wrap Up

The seventh edition of the Africa in Motion (AiM) Film Festival focused its attention on films and events which reflected the overarching theme of Modern Africa. We invited audiences and guests to take a closer look at the new, provocative, innovative and experimental artistic work being produced on the continent; to make evident the important role Africa plays in today’s global society.

Now that the curtains have closed on the 7th edition of the Africa in Motion Film Festival, we would like to thank our audience, partners, supporters, funders, and everyone who, one way or the other, collaborated with AiM for their participation, contribution, interaction and feedback, all of which contributed to a wonderfully dynamic and exciting atmosphere that drove the festival this year.

Throughout the 9 days of the festival, we welcomed two and a half thousand people to Africa in Motion, registered high attendance levels in our screenings, and had numerous sold-out screenings. This year, AiM received fantastic local, national and international media coverage; obtained a very positive response to the quality, diversity and contents of the films we programmed. In addition, guests/collaborators such as Cameroonian director Jean-Pierre Bekolo, South African filmmakers Ndaba ka Ngwane, Khulekani Zondi and Sara Blecher, Nigerian veteran filmmaker Tunde Kelani and acclaimed academics Ono Okome and Birgit Meyer assured our festival continued to provide a platform for African films to not only be seen but also contextualized, questioned, discussed and reflected upon.

Amongst the outstanding highlights of this year’s festival were the ever-popular AiM launch party, the AiM annual short film competition, our very exciting venture into Glasgow for the first ever AiM Glasgow festival, numerous compelling discussions, and a boisterous closing party.
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