AfricAvenir & Sister Namibia present: A country for my daughter by Lucilla Blankenberg, South Africa
At 7pm. Venue: Theatre School, Robert Mugabe Ave, Windhoek Entrance: 10,- N$. After the film (54 min – Doc), there will be a discussion about the film, the topics raised and how this is of relevance to Namibia. Panelists: Immaculate Mogotsi, Alna Dall, John Nakuta.


A film about Women, Violence and the Law.

The screening is presented in partnership with www.africine.org and www.WhatsonWindhoek.Com.

In what seems to be a hard and unwinnable battle against sexual violence in South Africa there are a few victories which offer hope. Human rights activist and mother, Nonkosi Khumalo, revisits the stories, places, and where possible, the women, to discover how personal experiences of horrific trauma have changed the way the law against rape is prosecuted. What she finds is that only public outrage and organised protest have the power to force the authorities to provide women with the protection and justice to which they are entitled. It is to be hoped that the dynamism, anger and compassion of Khumalo will spur more South Africans to action rather than despair.

Direction: Lucilla Blankenberg, 2010, South of Africa – 54 min – Doc

Dans ce qui semble être une dure et impossible bataille contre la violence sexuelle en Afrique du Sud, il y a quelques victoires qui permettent d’espérer. Nonkosi Khumallo est une militante des droits de l’homme et une mère de famille. Elle revisite les histoires, les lieux et, autant que possible, elle rencontre les femmes pour découvrir les expériences personnelles de traumatismes terribles qui ont changé la façon dont est appliquée la loi contre le viol. Elle découvre que seule l’indignation de l’opinion publique et les protestations organisées peuvent contraindre les autorités à fournir aux femmes la protection et la justice auxquelles elles ont droit. Il faut espérer que la colère, le dynamisme et la compassion de Khumalo, pousseront les Sud-Africains vers l’action plutôt que vers le désespoir.

Réalisatrice : Lucilla Blankenberg, 2010, Afrique du Sud – 54 min

«  »A Country for My Daughter » remains a thoughtful and inspiring documentary, one that instills in its audience a drive to rise against such injustices and the hope to do so. » – Mambo Magazine, Zimbabwe
AfricAvenir and Sister Namibia present to you a screening of high importance.

With the debate about Gender Based Violence (GBV) in Namibia taking center stage these days, having reason for discussions in parliament, the media, and society at large,

AfricAvenir and Sister will screen the South African film,
A Country for My Daughter, by Lucilla Blankenberg,
a film about Women, Violence and the Law.

Date & time: Wednesday, 08 May, 7pm
Venue: Theatre School, Robert Mugabe Ave, Windhoek
Entrance: 10,- N$
After the film, there will be a discussion about the film, the topics raised and how this is of relevance to Namibia.
The panelists are:
– Immaculate Mogotsi (University of Namibia, Sociology Department),
– Alna Dall (One Africa TV, Organizer of MiniSkirt FlashMob),
– John Nakuta (University of Namibia, Director Human Rights and Documentation Centre, Faculty of Law).

Cast : Nonkosi Khumalo
directed by Lucilla Blankenberg
DOP: Karen Landsberg
Editors: Aeysha Anthony, Lederle Bosch
Sound: Linda Kaiser, Felix Glove
Music: « A change will come » de Daniel Eppel, Felix Lagand, The decibel Collective, Mama Dance!
Production: Janine Tilley

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Source: Festival de cinéma africain de Vérone 2011

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