« Les Filières africaines de la prostitution », de Oliver Enongo & Romaric Atchourou
première américaine dans le cadre du African Diaspora Film Festival


Voici ci-dessous ce qu’ils en disent:
African Prostitution: The European Connection,
US Premiere
France. 2006, 81min, documentary in French with English subtitles, Oliver Enongo & Romaric Atchourou, Dirs.

International law recognizes the problem of trafficking in women and children as a serious human rights issue. In West and Central Africa, as in some parts of Asia and South America, it must be recognized that the worst forms of trafficking that exist is trafficking in children for exploitative labor and the trafficking in persons (mainly women) for the sex trade. What becomes of these African women who flee poverty and illiteracy to work in Europe and get caught in the nightmare of forced prostitution? What would the parents say if they knew? Should we remain indifferent? African Prostitution: The European Connection represents investigative journalism as its best: discreet, compassionate and overwhelming.
Sat. Nov. 25 @ 2:55 pm | Tue. Dec. 5 @ 1:30 pm Shown with Pretty Dresses AFA
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