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We are Nowhere
Pays concerné : Afrique du Sud
Type : documentaire


Le film aborde les attaques xénophobes de mai 2008 en Afrique du Sud qui ont laissé 60 personnes mortes et des dizaines de milliers sans domicile.

Réal : Andy Spitz


This film covers the aftermath of the May 2008 xenophobic attacks that left over 60 people dead and tens of thousands homeless. Capturing the everyday intimate stories of those affected by the violence, the film takes us through the immediate impact of the attacks and covers what has happened since. With unique access to victims of violence as they attempt to reconstruct their broken lives as well as to perpetrators, who are still clutching on to resentment about outsiders, We Are Nowhere acts as an uncomfortable reminder that not enough has been done to address the causes of xenophobia and that the spark that lit the original flame still burns brightly.

Dir: Andy Spitz
Nat: South Africa
Year: 2010
Documentary Feature
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