Fiche Film
COURT Métrage | 1998
An Old Wives’ Tale.
Pays concerné : Afrique du Sud
Durée : 26 minutes
Genre : comédie dramatique
Type : fiction


Réal : Dumisani Phakathi


Young director Dumisani Phakathi first made his mark with this multiple award winning film, which took prizes for best director, actor, actress, supporting actress and script at South Africa’s NTVA Avanti Awards. It examines a serious subject with deftness and levity, using the medium of easy-paced comedy to explore cultural norms in the new, democratic South Africa.

Assuming that former injustices have been corrected through legislation and that equal rights are now enjoyed by all, Afrikaner farmer Hendrik decides to exercise his constitutional rights and enter into a polygamous marriage like his farmhand, Lucas. A Xhosa, Lucas has long lived happily with his three wives. Hendrik seeks his advice on how to manage such a situation and soon his dreams become attainable when a recently widowed and nubile friend visits. Hendrik’s wife, jaded and interested more in gardening, is amused by his antics – and surprises him with her attitude to the new arrangement.

Country: South Africa
Director: Dumisani Phakathi
Language: English
Length: 26min
Producer: Richard Green & Michael Cheze
Year: 1998
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