Fiche Film
On A Day Like Today – زي النهاردة
Titre original : Zay Elnaharda
Pays concerné : Égypte
Genre : fantastique
Type : fiction


Réal & scénariste : Amr Salama


May is a girl who had a relationship with a guy in 2006 that ended with his death in an accident. In 2007 she met another guy (Yasser) falling in love with him but she discovered that everything that happened with the new guy was very similar to everything that happened with her former lover. She met him on the same day that she met her former lover, fell in love, and confessed her love on the same days as well. This makes her terrified that he will die on the same day as her former lover, so she is determined to save his life – somehow.

Director: Amr Salama
Screenplay: Amr Salama
Genre: Mystery
Starring: Ahmed Fishawy, Asser Yassin (Mo), Basma Ahmed, Arwa Gouda