Fiche Film
LONG Métrage | 2010
Tinga Tinga Tales
Pays concerné : Kenya
Durée : 66 minutes
Genre : animation
Type : animation


Une série d’animation kenyane imaginative pour les plus jeunes. TINGA TINGA TALES est une collection d’histoires africaines très prenantes sur pourquoi et comment les animaux sont devenus ce qu’ils sont.

Richard JEFFEREY, 2010
Royaume-Uni, Kenya, 1h06min


An imaginative Kenyan animation series for the youngest ones. TINGA TINGA TALES is a collection of exciting African stories about why and how the animals have become the way they are. Do you for example know why the snake doesn’t have legs? Do you know why the hippo doesn’t have hair? Why is the bat hanging upside down and why does the owl have such good eyesight? We dive into a colourful African fauna inspired by traditional animal tales from Tanzania. TINGA TINGA TALES gives you funny answers to questions you did not know you were wondering about! Suitable for children from the age of three.

Richard JEFFEREY, 2010
UK, Kenya

Runtime: 66 min

Director: Richard JEFFEREY


Language: English
Producer: Claudia LLOYD
Production company: Tiger Aspect Productions

Genre: Animation

Program: Kid’s Corner
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