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MOYEN Métrage | 2011
Karen Blixen – Behind Her Mask
Titre original : Bag Blixens Maske [Denmark]
Pays concerné : Danemark
Durée : 54 minutes
Genre : portrait
Type : documentaire


Désormais âgé de 89 ans, Aage Hendrixen, professeur de littérature raconte à son fils le récit fascinant et occulte de l’amitié qu’il a eu quand il était jeune avec la romancière Karen Blixen.

Un film de Morten Henriksen

2011, Danemark, 54 min


The now 89-year-old literature professor Aage Hendrixen tells his son the fascinating and occult tale of the friendship that he had as a young man with writer Karen Blixen.

In 1952, the young literature professor Aage Hendrixen met the 66-year-old writer Karen Blixen. At that moment, a complicated friendship began, one that took on bizarre forms over the years and had an enormous impact on Aage’s life. Blixen, who became particularly famous when her novel Out of Africa was turned into a film, refers to herself as a storyteller in public. For more intimate friends, however, she’s the « devil’s mistress. » Her life is packed with sinister aspects, and they fascinate Aage to such a degree that he also gets absorbed in the supernatural world. While taking walks together, he told his 10-year-old son Morten all about Blixen, including the occult details. Morten didn’t understand everything, but the stories left a deep impression on him. After years of estrangement, he goes back to his now elderly father to get information. What possessed him to saddle his son with this intense history, and what of it is actually true? The film doesn’t only shed light on the eccentric personality of Blixen, but it’s also a crucial self-investigation. Morten has to know who his father is so he can know who he is himself.

A film by Morten Henriksen

2011, Denmark, 54 min

Director: Morten Henriksen
Photography: Jan Weincke, Jon Bang Carlsen, Morten Søborg, Dan Laustsen
Screenplay: Morten Henriksen, Mogens Rukov
Editing: Klaus Heinecke, Anne Østerud, Henrik Thiesen
Sound: Jan Juhler
Music: Søren Siegumfeldt
Narration: Morten Henriksen
Narrator: Morten Henriksen
Production: Karen Baumbach
Executive producer: Morten Henriksen for No Exit Production
Involved TV Channel: Danmarks Radio

Source : IDFA 2011
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