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MOYEN Métrage | 2012
Our Bright Stars
Pays concerné : Soudan du Sud (République du)
Durée : 45 minutes
Genre : politique
Type : documentaire
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Le Soudan du Sud est devenu le dernier Etat reconnu dans le monde quand il s’est séparé du Nord pour se déclarer sous le nom de République du Soudan du Sud en Juillet 2011. Le rêve d’indépendance est devenu une réalité. Désormais, il y a le défi de construire une nation.

Soudan du Sud, 2012, documentaire, 45 min (work-in-progress)

Réalisé par
Sidi Moctar Khaba & Frederique Cifuentes


South Sudan became the world’s newest country as it broke away from the north and declared itself the Republic of South Sudan in July 2011. The dream of independence became a reality. Now come the challenges of building a nation from scratch.

Directed by
Sidi Moctar Khaba & Frederique Cifuentes
South Sudan, 2012

Documentary film, 45m

This video project will show South Sudanese expectations of the new nation and how they intend to contribute to the process of nation-building. This short film is designed for those wishing to understand the country.

The audience will experience a moving visual journey revealed through a collection of interviews of people inside their private habitats and general shoots in the country.

This will be an intimate and emotional documentary that will not only give an insight into the people of South Sudan, but will also be a visual showcase for South Sudan’s cultural diversity.

The film centres on how South Sudanese see themselves as citizens and how they hope to begin constructing a new sense of national identity and nationhood.

This project is part of the British Council’s International Architecture and Design Showcase 2012 (21 June – 23 September); a global gathering of cultural projects that investigate architecture and design from across the world, presented for the London 2012 Festival.


Saturday 8th September 2012 at 2.00pm (Free Entry)
The screening will be followed by a Q & A
Supported by the British Council

Riverside Studios
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London W6 9RL

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