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Pays concerné : Ghana
Genre : portrait
Type : documentaire


L’histoire d’une étonnante équipe de Ghanéens, The Rolling Rockets. Ils ont survécu à la poliomyélite et ont créé un sport extrême sport mélangeant le skate et le football.

Réalisateur : Eddie Edwards

Producteur : Steven Markovitz (Big World Cinema),
productrice associée : Shelley Barry.

Lancée le 23 août 2012, la campagne se clôt le 22 septembre 2012.


The story of The Rolling Rockets, an inspiring team of Ghanaian polio survivors who are pioneering an extreme sport combination of skating and soccer.

Ghana, 2012, Documentary

Directed by Eddie Edwards

Producer: Steven Markovitz (Big World Cinema, South Africa)
Associate producer: Shelley Barry

Rollaball‘s vision has received high-profile endorsements from the likes of AC Milan midfielder and Ghanaian Black Stars international Sulley Muntari; Disabled Peoples’ International; paralympian Anne Wafula Strike; The UN Special Rapporteur on Disability; World Cup Skateboarding; and South Africa’s Department of Women, Children and People With Disabilities.

Rollaball received production funding from The National Film and Video Foundation of South Africa, won the Puma.Creative Catalyst Award in partnership with BRITDOC in 2011, and was selected out of 571 entries for the prestigious Sheffield Doc/Fest in 2012.

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« The documentary Rollaball is an important project to promote a deeper understanding of people living with disabilities. It will create crucial awareness of the skate soccer team who are playing sport against all odds. We salute the team and the filmmakers and support them in their endeavours to make the film. »
Javed Abidi, World Chair, Disabled Peoples’ International

« Sport is such an important part of life for everyone, keeping them healthy and bringing people together no matter what age, sex, ability or disability. Rollaball, about an inspiring team of Ghanaian polio survivors who are pioneering an extreme sport combination of skating and soccer, is a really inspirational story showing how courage and determination prevail. I always wanted to be a footballer and never let anything stand in my way, so I have the greatest admiration and respect for these guys playing sport with more barriers to success than most. This film also plays a vital role in highlighting the massive challenges that people suffering from polio face, especially in Ghana where it is still stigmatized and many have to resort to begging and living on the streets to survive. I wish the best of luck to everyone behind the film, particularly the inspiring individuals who have shared their story with the world. »
Sulley Muntari, AC Milan midfielder & Ghanaian Black Stars international

 » An inspirational documentary on the spirit of humanity, which shows what can be achieved. Sport for people with disabilities provides the public with the awareness of the abilities of people and removes the barriers that causes prejudice and segregation. »
Shuaib Chalklen, UN Special Rapporteur on Disability

« Rollaball is an inspirational film that shows that no matter how hard life may be, sport can be liberating. It’s heartbreaking to see what these men have to do to survive on a daily basis – dodging in between busy traffic to beg for money to hold body and soul together. But when Sunday comes all is forgotten in the thrill of playing skate soccer, a game that makes them feel totally alive. Their ingenuity in adapting equipment makes for a fast and furious game on the streets. It’s exciting to watch and it really deserves a far wider audience. And who knows, it could one day be a sport to inspire persons with disability all over the world, and take its place alongside wheel rugby and basketball. For it’s not where these men live but how they live that will cause us to put life into perspective. »
Anne Wafula Strike, Paralympic wheelchair racer, author and polio survivor

« Thank you for sharing the inspiring trailer for the movie Rollaball. The production team has managed to truly capture the spirit of hope sport brings in the lives of persons with disabilities, irrespective of how desperate their personal circumstances are. The movie succeeds in transmitting the energy evoked in the participants when they get onto the skate soccer field to the movie audience, who cannot be but moved to smile and move along with the razor sharp movements of the players. A truly African solution for African conditions, displaying the African spirit through motion. A movie that has to be made to inspire persons with disabilities and their families in Africa and beyond. We wish you all of the very best in your endeavours and will be behind you all of the way! »
Lidia Pretorius, Chief Director: Rights of Persons With Disabilities, Department: Women, Children and People With Disabilities, South Africa

Other supporters include World Cup Skateboarding, Australia’s National Skateboarders Association, Crutches 4 Africa and The Menaye Charity Foundation.

Launched on Aug 23, 2012 – Funding ends: Sep 22, 2012

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