Fiche Film
COURT Métrage | 2012
Beyond Memory
Abdallah Mohamad
Pays concerné : Soudan
Réalisateur(s) : Abdallah Mohamad
Avec : Abdallah Mohamad
Durée : 8
Type : fiction


Une fille est assise seul dans une chambre avec ses souvenirs. Elle pense à un homme qui lui manque. Peut-être un soldat mort.

Réalisateur : Abdallah Mohamad, 2012, Soudan, 8 min.

Heba Fared
Jsoer Sied Ahmad


A girl sits alone in a room with her memories. She misses a man. Perhaps a dead soldier. Dreamy black-and-white.

A beautiful girl in a room, filmed in black-and-white. Alone, she misses no one. She opens her memory and lets in Omar, who disappeared. How long ago is unclear, but her broken heart still hasn’t healed. The almost empty room has a portrait of Che Guevara on the wall.

Dir. Abdallah Mohamad, 2012, Sudan, 8 min.

Director: Abdallah Mohamad
Scenario: Abdallah Mohamad
Photography: Mohammed Fawi, Ebrahim Mursal, Babkir Ismail
Editor: Hamza Alamin, Mojtaba
Production design: Talal Afifi
Sound design: Abdalgader Basher
Music: Walid Abdallah

Heba Fared
Jsoer Sied Ahmad

Length: 8′
Film format: DCP

Producer: Goethe-Institut Sudan, Sudan Film Factory
Sales: Sudan Film Factory
Print source: Sudan Film Factory

2013 | 42nd IFFR – Festival International du Fllm de Rotterdam
* Selection – Spectrum Shorts
* International premiere
* Screening: Sudan’s Swinging Film Factory / LantarenVenster 3 / Sun 27 Jan / 16:45
* Screening: Sudan’s Swinging Film Factory / LantarenVenster 6 / Thu 31 Jan / 14:00