Fiche Film
COURT Métrage | 2011
Number 12
Mosaab Fadul
Pays concerné : Soudan
Réalisateur(s) : Mosaab Fadul
Durée : 9
Genre : portrait
Type : documentaire


Portrait d’un supporteur de football, le 12ème homme.

Soudan, 2011

Réalisateur : Mosaab Fadul


Here the’twelfth man’ i.e. the crowd who support the team really is just one man. He’s sort of the crowd’s coach. A good-natured agitator.

A portrait of a man famous in Khartoum for being a professional football supporter. He doesn’t egg on the players, but whips the crowd into a frenzy to rhythmically support the team. Truly the 12th member of the team.

Sudan, 2011

Director: Mosaab Fadul
Scenario: Tawhida Soliman
Photography: Tilal Alnayer, Mosaab Fadul
Editor: Mosaab Fadul, Osama Hassan, Huzeifa Azhary
Production design: Talal Afifi
Sound design Mosaab Fadul, Tilal Alnayer
Music: Mosaab Fadul

Producers: Goethe-Institut Sudan, Sudan Film Factory
Sales: Sudan Film Factory
Print source: Sudan Film Factory

Length: 9′
Film format: DCP

2013 | 42nd IFFR – Festival International du Fllm de Rotterdam
* Selection – Spectrum Shorts
* International premiere