Fiche Film
COURT Métrage | 2011
African Cowboy
Pays concerné : Namibie
Durée : 13 minutes
Type : fiction


Ecrit et réalisé par Rodney Charles

Namibie, 2011, Court métrage, fiction, 13mins31sec

Joel Haikali > Rapu
Rodney Charles > Ami (Friend)
Charlie Charles > Dame (Lady)


A Namibian cowboy is beaten and left for dead in the vast desert for protecting an innocent frontier woman from a transnational posse of brutal land grabbers. However, things change when he is rescued by a mysterious gunslinger with reasons of his own to stand up to the posse.

Joel Haikali (Rapu)
Rodney Charles (Freind)
Charlie Charles (Lady)

Directed by Rodney Charles
Screenplay by Rodney Charles
Cinematography Michael Brewer
Editing by Steven Minor
Running time 13 minutes
Country Namibia

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Rodney Charles
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