Fiche Film
In Silence & In Tears [Work in progress]
Pays concerné : Nigeria
Type : fiction


L’histoire réaliste de la vengeance d’une femme.

Réalisateur : Didi Cheeka

Nigeria, Fiction, Long métrage

avec Youma Diakité.


The gritty story of a woman’s bitter revenge.

To mark the 449th anniversary of Shakespeare’s birth [April 23rd], an mixed-tribe theatre group is staging Romeo and Juliet, in the tribally-scarred Nigerian city of Jos. Did they stop to consider [especially Salome, a young Muslim woman]what the response would be in this city devastated by violence – and not just violence?

directed by Didi Cheeka

Nigeria, Feature.

starring Youma Diakité.

In Silence & In Tears is « A dark, rage-filled poetic depiction of lust and revenge. » [Gauteng Film Commission]
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