Fiche Film
LONG Métrage | 2014
Transporteurs (Les)
Pays concerné : Maroc
Durée : 115 minutes
Genre : comédie dramatique
Type : fiction


Souad is a dancer, a girl who was trained in the largest dance school, but forced to work in a cabaret in Marrakech city in order to earn enough money to open a dance school, despite harassment and Souad temptations to do her best to be honest and preserve her reputation. Souad met Saleh, her next door neighbor, a small dealer threatened by a drug lord who kidnaps his mother and forces him to carry a ton of Hashish, from Marrakech to Tangier and make it into the port of Tanger Med. The only way to go unnoticed is to form a family and pass for immigrants who return home in Italy. Saleh proposes the idea to Souad to be his wife during this trip and earn a good amount of money. Desperate as she is, she agreed to do it. Souad and Saleh form the couple and are accompanied by two street children abandoned by their parents. The family will spend a trip full of adventures, risks and events that will bring them closer to each other and become a real family.


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