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Tell Me Sweet Something
Pays concerné : Afrique du Sud
Genre : comédie romantique
Type : fiction


Moratiwa Vokwana (jouée par Nomzamo Mbatha), une écrivain en devenir, possède une librairie qu’elle gère au coeur de Johannesburg. La librairie, comme sa vie amoureuse, ne connait pas le succès. To va changer quand elle rencontre et tombe amoureuse du plus improbable candidat au monde, Nat (interprété par Maps ‘Masego’ Maponyane).
Nat est un mannequin homme qui n’a jamais lu de livre de sa vie et qui désespère d’être aimé pour ce qu’il pense et pas pour son corps. Malgré les obstacles les deux vont développer une romance, mais va-t-elle durer ?

Réalisé par: Akin Omotoso

Avec Nomzamo Mbatha, Maps’Masego’ Maponyane, Kagiso Lediga, Thomas Gumede, Thembi Seete, Thishiwe Ziqubu

Genre : Comédie romantique


« Tell Me Sweet Something » tells the story of Moratiwa (Mbatha): an aspiring novelist with writer’s block. She hasn’t had much luck with love ever since her ex-boyfriend Norman went out to buy milk and never came back. Tired of having a recluse as a best friend, Tashaka (Ziqubu) convinces her to party up a storm at a new club in the city; it is here that she meets South Africa’s no.1 celebrity model Nat Masilo (Maponyane) or as she nicknames him « The 45 Foot Man » on account of a huge billboard in which he features (in)conveniently situated directly opposite her bookshop.

Two different worlds collide in this charming, funny, romantic and very sweet film showing a side of Johannesburg that is rarely seen: The City of Gold as a City Of Love. Will they or won’t they? As Moratiwa says to Nat: « I am writing a love story. » Nat says: « Will they get together? » Moratiwa replies ‘I haven’t written the ending yet « .

A film by Akin Omotoso

South Africa, 2015, Feature,

From the team that brought you the Box Office hit « Material.

Written and Directed by Akin OMOTOSO

produced by Akin Omotoso, Robbie Thorpe and Ronnie Apteker.

Boasting a star-studded cast, « Tell Me Sweet Something » stars Nomzamo Mbatha, Maps Maponyane, Thishiwe Ziqubu, Kagiso Lediga, Thomas Gumede, Thembi Seete and Mandisa Bardill. The film was inspired by Omotoso’s love of love songs, the film Love Jones and his desire to tell a story that celebrates love in the city he loves- Johannesburg.

Production : Rififi Pictures.!in-production/cpim

Funded by
Mvest Media (a division of Mvest Group),
Ladies & Gentlemen,
The National Film and Video Foundation,
the Gauteng Film Commission,
the Department of Trade and Industry,
and a team of Crowd Funders.

Release (South Africa): on the 4th September 2015.

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