Fiche Film
COURT Métrage | 2006
Mamtsotsi bird (The)
Pays concerné : Afrique du Sud
Durée : 12 minutes
Genre : fantastique
Type : animation


L’Oiseau Mamtsotsi, une créature de la mythologie africaine, est invoqué par les sorcières pour accomplir des actes malveillants.

Réalisateur : Jo Horn
Directeur photographie : Willem Viljoen
Directeur artistique du son : Adam Lomas
Musique : Adam Lomas
Montage : Walter Green
Animation : Brenton Green
Interprète : Joseph Bale, Jane Nkosi, Abi Ayivor, Mapula Maimane
Décors : Kirstin Cheetham
Effets spéciaux : Brenton Green
Montage Son : Adam Lomas
Mixage Son : Adam Lomas


Mamtsotsi bird (The)
The Mamtsotsi Bird – Evil soars to new heights

An African mythological creature, the Mamtsotsi Bird, is called down from the thunder by witches to carry out missions of malevolence.

Musa can feel something evil drawing closer. Her estranged husband Sipho tries to convince her that it’s all in her mind because of her alcohol abuse.

Having gone for fertility shots Musa thinks her strained marriage will take a turn for the better. Little does she know that her husband has already consorted with evil to get rid of her.

Sipho, concerned that nothing has happened at the house returns to the witch doctor for another consultation and is given stronger muti and assured that the bird will perform its task.

It’s a stormy Sunday night and Musa is waiting for Sipho to come back for the special dinner she has prepared for him. Lightning envelops the sky; a beastly monstrosity swoops down from the hill, summoned by the thunder and launches a ferocious attack on Musa.

Sipho returns home where he is greeted by a brutal reality.

Jo Horn: Director
Brenton Green: Animation & Visual Effects
Willem Viljoen: Director of Photography
Walter Green: Editor
Kirstin Cheetham: Art Director
Matt Horn: Assistant Director
Mpotseng Mdakane: Writer
Donna Mosely: Make-up
Adam Lomas: Original Music & Sound Design
Margie Horn: Production Manager
Leon Rivas: On-Location / Sound Recordist
Johannes Mnisi: Grip

Abena Ayivor___ Musa
Joseph Bale___ Sipho
Jane Nkosi___ Witchdoctor
Mapula Maimane___ Little Girl



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