Fiche Film
COURT Métrage | 2016
Makoko: Futures afloat
Pays concerné : Nigeria
Durée : 29 minutes
Genre : société
Type : documentaire


Un film documentaire sur l’enseignement primaire à Makoko, un bidonville de la ville de Lagos.

Un film de Femi Odugbemi

Nigeria, 2016, documentaire, 29 mins


A documentary film on primary education in a Lagos City slum named Makoko.

In the heart of Nigeria’s fastest growing city, Lagos, two worlds constantly live out the irony of economic realities. Divided by the popular third mainland bridge, the bustling economic part of the city stands adjacent to MAKOKO – a sprawling fishing community, floating on the waste of the city. Neglected by the government, MAKOKO strives for a place in the fortune and future of the city on the effort of individuals who lend themselves to educating kids who otherwise would not have had any opportunity for formal education.
Directed by award-winning filmmaker Femi Odugbemi, « MAKOKO: futures afloat » is a visually dramatic journey into a world beneath the poverty line and the struggle for a better tomorrow for their children.

A film by Femi Odugbemi

Nigeria, 2016, documentary, 29 mins

2016 | 18th ZIFF – Zimbabwe International Film Festival | 5th-7th October 2016.
* Official Selection

2016 | Black Star International Film Festival | Ghana
5th-7th October 2016.
* Official Selection

2016 | Slum Film Festival, NAIRBI, Kenya
* Winner of the Documentary Award – FEMI ODUGBEMI

2016 | AAA – Architect Africa Film Festival, Johannesburg, South Africa
* Official Selection
* Screening: at 4pm Saturday 25th June 2016.
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