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Voix africaines des stades (Les)
Pays concerné : Sénégal
Type : documentaire


« Les Voix africaines des stades » raconte l’histoire du football africain visité par les journalistes les plus emblématiques du continent. Ces grands journalistes, qui ont réveillé les vocations depuis les années soixante, sont des encyclopédies de l’histoire de notre football. Malheureusement, ils disparaissent sans laisser leurs histoires. Ce film participe à la transmission d’une partie intégrante de notre patrimoine et raconte l’histoire d’amour de l’Afrique avec le football, grâce au travail de ces grandes voix.

Un film de Aliou GOLOKO

Sénégal, documentaire

produit par Lamine DIOUF (Karoninka, Dakar)

Production : Karoninka (Sénégal)

2017 | 2ème Ouaga Film Lab, Burkina Faso
* Sélection – Projets de films
* Mention spéciale (Prix FIDADOC)


African Stadiums Voices (The)
The African Stadiums Voices tells the story of African football seen by the most emblematic reporters of the continent. These great journalists, who have awakened vocations since the sixties, are encyclopedias of our football’s history. Unfortunately, they are disappearing without leaving their stories. This film participates in the transmission of a whole part of our heritage, and tells the love story of Africa with football, through the work of these great voices.

A film by Aliou GOLOKO

Senegal, documentary

Producer’s note
In the project « The African Stadiums Voices », transmitters of strong emotions, crowds mobilizers and privileged witnesses of their times will deliver their memories and the history of football in their country. Throughout this documentary, we will look at the evolution of African national football teams in major competitions such as the African Cup of Nations (ACN) and the World Cup; this will be told through the prism of the memories of these African legends of the microphone, who have turned to be « Stadiums gods « thanks to the magic of their voices and their presence on the ground during great moments of African sport. Our camera will shoot in Côte d’Ivoire, Cameroon, Senegal, Zambia, Guinea, Gambia and the Democratic Republic of Congo to meet the African voices of the stadiums, as active witnesses of the African political history of each country, from pre to post independence years.

Producer: Lamine DIOUF / Senegal
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