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MOYEN Métrage | 2010
White and Black: Crimes of Color
Titre original : Blanc & noir : crimes de couleur
Pays concerné : Tanzanie
Support : DVD
Durée : 58 minutes
Genre : société
Type : documentaire


Un documentaire retraçant l’enquête de Vicky Ntetema (une journaliste de la radio BBC) sur la vague de meurtres d’albinos qui ont balayé la Tanzanie depuis 2007. Etre albinos en Tanzanie, un danger au quotidien comme le montre ce documentaire-choc sur le trafic d’organes dans le pays. Un documentaire sur la discrimination mortelle qui frappe les personnes albinos en Tanzanie.

Un film de Jean Francois Mean

Canada, 2010, Documentaire, 58 mins 29 s

Pays de tournage: Tanzanie


Since 2007, a wave of macabre slayings of persons with albinism (PWAs) has swept Tanzania. In July 2008, Vicky Ntetema, a BBC radio journalist, begins an investigation into the black market traffic of PWA body parts. Her reportage earns her the award for courage in journalism from the IWMF (International Woman’s Media Fund).

In « White and Black » she examines the superstitions and fears surrounding PWAs in Tanzania. She shows us the brutal consequences of these prejudices and tracks down the healers who prey on them for profit. Vicky befriends Semeni and Shida Bahati, two sisters with albinism. Their father is in prison. He conspired to kill their sister, Eunice, in exchange for money for her body parts. Eunice’s murderers are still on the loose, so Semeni and Shida must leave their village for a new life. They will attend a school where no one can see their albinism: a school for the blind.

Manyasi, a young boy with albinism, has miraculously survived the murder of his sister and must also go to this school. Vicky meets the friends and kin of ordinary Africans with albinism. She admires their struggle for equality, and she finds hope for future generations in the key figures fronting the PWAs’ fight for their rights.

« White and Black » addresses a very special kind of color bar, one that is manipulated by corrupt healers who derive their power from peoples’ prejudices and fears.

A film by Jean Francois Mean

Canada, 2010, Documentary, 58 mins 29 s

Genre: Documentary
Produced In: 2010
Story Teller’s Country: Canada
Tags: Africa, Belief, Crime, Human Rights, Religion, Tanzania, Violence

Producers: Greg Dummett, Louis Laverdiere
Director: Jean Francois Mean

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