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LONG Métrage | 2019
Traces d’un migrant (Les)
Titre original : Sur les traces du père
Pays concerné : Burkina Faso
Durée : 90 minutes
Genre : portrait
Type : documentaire


Awa et Adama sont deux soeurs jumelles âgées de 24 ans. Nées de père Burkinabè et de mère sénégalaise, elles sont aujourd’hui orphelines de mère. Vivant avec leur tante à Saint Louis du Sénégal elles se mettent en quête de leur père parti « faire sa vie »
lorsqu’elles avaient huit ans.

Un film de Delphine YERBANGA

Burkina Faso, documentaire, 1h10

Titre Original (français : SUR LES TRACES DU PERE (Traces of the Father)

Pays : Burkina Faso
Durée : 90 minutes
Genre : société
Type : documentaire
Année : 2019

Réalisatrice : Delphine Yerbanga
Productrice : Mamounata Nikiema (Pilumpiku Production)

Ce projet a reçu une aide au développement de 10 000 euros lors de la session de mai 2019 de la commission documentaires/séries du Fonds Image de la Francophonie.

2018 / Agadir Sahara PAS workshop 2018 (Maroc)
* Sélection du projet


Traces of the Father
Awa and Adama are 24-year-old twin sisters. Born of a Burkinabe father and a Senegalese mother, they are now motherless. Living with their aunt in Saint Louis, Senegal, they go in search of their father who has gone to « make his life », when they were eight years old.

Orphan twin sisters, 25-year-old, named Adama and Awa Ouedraogo are looking for their father’s who left, when they were eight years old. Their aunt with whom they live in Saint Louis of Senegal, give them, some informations which are the first path to trace part of their father’s story. They want a build on him, because they did not have the chance to know him well. From him, they only have three pictures and a vague memory.

A film by Delphine YERBANGA

Burkina Faso, documentary, 1h10

Category : Documentary
Length : 70′
Language : French, Wolof, Moore
Shooting format : HD
Shooting location : Burkina Faso, Senegal
Shooting dates : June 2019
Expected dates of completion : September 2019
Stage of production : development stage

« Because of emigration Adama and Awa grow up without a father. Because of this situation their mother died early.This situation make them wondering about their origin and why their father never come back. From him, they just have three pictures and a vague memory. Their mother’s family hide a secret to them. This silence lead them to make all they can to find the answers of their questions.
I meet Adama and Awa during these moment of introspection and questioning in Senegal. Then, i was the first person they asked to help them find their father. » (…)

Director: Delphine Yerbanga
Producer: Mamounata Nikiema (Pilumpiku Production)

Budget : 101 995 €
Financing in place : 5 000 € (in 2018)
Production company : Pilumpiku production

Workshops and platforms attended :
Bobo residency,
Saint-Louis residency,
Ouaga Producer Lab,
Agadir Sahara PAS workshop 18
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