Fiche Film
COURT Métrage | 2006
Last Call (The)
Pays concerné : Afrique du Sud
Durée : 24 minutes
Genre : portrait
Type : documentaire


Un portrait d’une femme, /Una Rooi, qui est un des dix dernières personnes sur terre qui parlent le N/u, la langue des Bushmen, certainement un des plus vieilles langues du monde.

Réalisateur : Clifford Bestall

2006, Afrique du Sud/USA, 49 min, anglais


Last Call (The)
This timely, captivating film introduces /Una Rooi, one of just ten people left on earth who can speak the Bushman language, N/u, arguably the oldest language on earth. /Una knows that the language embodies the sounds and the rhythms of the natural world, where each complex word carries an extraordinary amount of environmental information. Although a wonderful vibrant character now living in the’no-mans-land’ between western civilization and her ancestral existence, she is fearful that when she and the other old N/u speakers die, their beloved ancient language will be silenced and a unique link to the natural world will disappear. Although the brutal history of the bushmen is explored, so is /Una’s joy and humour when she phones Hannah, a fellow N/u speaker living over 200 kilometres away, and invites her over for a gossip.

Production: Mafisa Media


9th edition of the Encounters South African International Documentary Festival | Johannesburg, 13 – 22 July 2007 | Cape Town, 20 July – 5 August 2007 |
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