Fiche Film
MOYEN Métrage | 2007
Sweeping Addis
Pays concerné : Éthiopie
Durée : 50 minutes
Genre : portrait
Type : documentaire


Addis Abéba, capitale de l’Ethiopia avec quatre millions d’habitants, un jour de pluie
Un portrait de quatre remarquables femmes éthiopiennes.

Corinne Kuenzli | Ethiopie/Suisse 2007 | 50 min | anglais


Addis Ababa, capital to Ethiopia with four million inhabitants, on a rainy day. A glance out the window of a moving car zooms in on shrouded female figures.

With circumspection and respect, filmmaker Corinne Kuenzli wins the confidence of these female street-sweepers, and they allow her to film them. Their job is to beautify and modernize the city. Just recently the number of jobs cleaning the streets was doubled – to 1000. It is a sought-after job. The street sweepers have no bank accounts. In the privacy of their own homes, they remove their coverings, tell their life stories, and speak about their worries and misery but also of their happiness and wishes for the future.
A portrait of four remarkable Ethiopian women, coping with life in a land marked by uncertainty.

Corinne Kuenzli | Ethiopia/Switzerland 2007 | 50 min | English
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