Fiche Film
COURT Métrage | 2006
Bleu, rouge (Red & Blue | Azraa Wa Ahmar)
Pays concerné : Égypte
Durée : 11 minutes
Genre : drame
Type : fiction


Un jeune homme et son amie s’aiment en cachette de leurs parents, dans une société où tout rapport hors mariage est interdit. Ils sont en train de faire l’amour quand leur lit s’effondre. Et si la jeune femme était enceinte ?

Une jeune femme et son petit ami craignent que cette dernière soit enceinte. Gagnés par l’inquiétude, ils tentent en vain de contacter toute personne susceptible de leurs donner des renseignements utiles…

ACTEURS : Bassem Samra & Reem Hegab

Un court métrage de Mahmood Soliman, Fiction, 11min

Egypte – 2006 – 11 mn 30 s

– Réalisation : Mahmood Soliman
– Scénario : Mahmood Soliman
– Image : Mohammad Hamdy
– Décor : Aaser Saleh
– Montage : Ahmad Abo Saada
– Musique : Amr Abo Zikry
– Interprétation : Bassem Samra, Reem Hegab

Contact :
Mahmood Soliman – e-mail : soliman96(@)
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Titre anglais : Red & Blue
Résumé anglais : A young man and a girl are having a secret love affair. In a society that will never support such an illegal relationship, the two are faced with a serious dilemma when the bed falls as they are making love and they run the risk of being exposed.

Bassem Samra
Reem Hegab

Director Statement
Usually there are world-wide events and disasters, but at the same time there are other small crises in parallel to it, living on the margins of society. This film is presenting this small crisis from both its social and human sides. Concerning the social side, the film shows the power of the family and how the eastern society commits the unofficial love affairs between youth, on the other hand the society complicates everything if the lovers needed to make their relationship official.The film presents a small aside crisis that happens to a young man and his girl that love each other, but they are submitted to the power and guardianship of the society all over the time. Which may lead to a big split inside them and between each other. Concerning the humanity side, the film shows how sometimes we believe that it’ll be a disaster if something special happens and that we will come to the rescue if we prevent it from happening. But if this »something » never happens from the beginning we find that it was not a real « rescue, » and that we rescued something but we lost another good thing at the same time.

Director: Mahmood Soliman

In Arabic with English subtitles.
2006 | 11 mn 30 s | Short Narrative.


2008 | 3ème Corto Del Med – Festival de courts-métrages méditerranéens | AVIGNON, France | Jeudi 24 avril- Dimanche 27 avril 2008 |
* Compétition

2007 – Cinémed (Montpellier, france)
* Selection
Screening: Corum – Salle Einstein Lundi 29 octobre 2007, 20 h 00
Screening: Corum – Salle Einstein Samedi 3 novembre 2007, 14 h 00

Middle East International Film Festival – Abu Dhabi 2007 | ABU DHABI, |
Red and Blue (Azraa’ Wa Ahmar) Directed by Mahmood Soliman | Egypt… Bio: Mahmood Soliman directed two award-winning short films before Red and Blue:… – 10k –

Tribeca Film Festival | TRIBECA, |
* Selection
North American Premiere
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