Fiche Film
COURT Métrage | 2009
White Page
Pays concerné : États-Unis
Durée : 21 minutes
Genre : portrait
Type : documentaire


New-York. An artist is about to leave his apartment. But moving is not
that easy… Especially when ghosts suddenly appear from the wardrobes…

With Xavier Roux

And the kind authorization for the Music of Maurane, Philippe Lafontaine, Jean-Pierre Taïeb, Ludovic Barnouin. Christophe Duflos and Fabio Volante. Manohar.

Director, screenwritor, editor: Valerie Kanza
Director of Photography: Jean de Meuron
Camera: Jean de Meuron & Valerie Kanza
Sound: Matteo Vicario
Director Assistant: Dominic de Lisle

NTSC. 21’39 ». OV English.

Short Film Corner Cannes Film Festival 2009.

Produced at the New York Film Academy.
All Rights Reserved©April 2009.


White Page
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