Fiche Film
LONG Métrage | 1999
Cinema Verite: Defining the Moment
Pays concerné : Canada
Durée : 102 minutes
Genre : société
Type : documentaire


Ce long métrage porte tout entier sur le cinéma documentaire, une fascinante rétrospective sur quelques-uns des meilleurs films documentaires du siècle, et une célébration de l’héritage contemporain du cinéma vérité, mouvement de la fin des années 50 et début des années 60.


This feature is all about the documentary, a fascinating retrospective of some of the century’s finest non-fiction films, and a celebration of the contemporary legacy of the cinema verite movement of the late 50s and early 60s.

The Verite [or direct cinema]movement was driven by a group of rebel filmmakers tired of stilted documentaries. They wanted to show life as it really is: raw, gritty and dramatic. They were responsible for some of the most important technological breakthroughs in modern filmmaking. Part road movie, part history, part celebration, Cinema Verite travels across North America and Europe in search of the Greats who changed the way we see the world. We follow Wintonick and his crew on their own quest for truth: the truth of what really happened during the Verite revolution. Wintonick is the director of the renowned Manufacturing Consent.

Canada 1999 102min Video
Dir: Peter Wintonick


Berlin International Film Festival
* Special Ecumenical Award

Festival International Nouveau Medias, Montreal.
* Best Canadian Feature

2000 | Encounters South African International Documentary Film Festival | CAPE TOWN, South Africa |
* Selection
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