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MOYEN Métrage | 2007
Pays concerné : Colombie
Durée : 44 minutes
Type : documentaire


de Juan Mejia Botero (2007, 44 min., Colombie /USA)

Versions :
44 minutes / espagnol (s.t. anglais)

Producteur : Juan Yepes (Human Pictures, Colombie)


Noris’s captivating story lends a human face to what is an often invisibilized and dehumanized population.’The displaced’ are portrayed as an uncomfortable consequence of the civil war, and a drain on resources. « Uprooted » acts as a counter-narrative to humanize internal refugees in Colombia, and across the world.
Above all else, this documentary is an intimate portrayal of the tragedy of uprooting; a beautifully detailed tale about struggle and resilience; a bittersweet story of loss, love, family, and dreams.

Few people know that the internal refugee crisis in Colombia is second only to Sudan, and projected to become the worst in the world within the next decade. Uprooted explores the complexities of displacement and their and their resettlement in slums and refugee shelters far from their communities.

By Juan Mejia Botero (2007, 44 min., Colombia /USA)
Producer : Juan Yepes (Human Pictures, Colombia)

Versions :
44 minutes / Spanish (s.t. English)

Director: Juan MEJIA
Juan Mejia is a film director with experience in feature length and short documentaries. His work has focused on community, grassroots media and collaborative, activist documentaries.

Human Pictures :
Human Pictures is a movement dedicated to the creation of progressive media We produce films, documentaries and socially responsible advertising campaigns, to inspire and promote social transformation


2009 | Real Life Documentary Film Festival | ACCRA, Ghana |
* * In Competition
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