Fiche Film
COURT Métrage | 1971
Three by Ateyyat El Abnoudy – Horse of Mud
Titre original : Hussan El Ttain
Pays concerné : Égypte
Durée : 12 minutes
Genre : société
Type : documentaire


Dans un de ses premiers et plus poignants travaux, la vétéran du documentaire Ateyyat El Abnoudy capture la dignité des pauvres du Caire.

Réalisatrice : Atteyat al Abnoudi

1971, Egypte, Documentaire, 12mins, NB


In one of her earliest and most poignant works, veteran documentarian Ateyyat El Abnoudy captures the dignity of Cairo’s poor. In this beautifully photographed document the primitive process of brick making is examined, revealing the monotonous choreography of a nonetheless meaningful social task. The sad dance of their fluid movements intermingled with personal stories deeply resonates.

Video includes two other shorts: Sad Song of Touha and The Sandwich.

1971, Egypt, Documentary, 12mins, Black & White

Dir.: Atteyat al Abnoudi

This revelation of a film, made for a pittance by the Film Association of Cairo, surprised audiences with its new tone, and its engaged social view inaugurated a new era for Arab documentary film. This change was due entirely to a woman who had just made her first film; for if the documentary film tradition had been part of different Arab societies since Egypt in the 1920s, earlier films often had the well-defined functions of informing, educating and sometimes ideologizing spectators.
Magda Wassef

Short Film

Ateyyat El Abnoudy


12 minutes

Arabic with English Subtitles

Production: Film Association of Cairo

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Winner: Grand Prix – FIPRESCI at Grenoble, France
Winner: Manheim Film Festival, germany
Winner: Damascus Film Festival, Syria



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