Fiche Film
COURT Métrage | 2008
Hip Hopera
Pays concerné : Afrique du Sud
Durée : 24 minutes
Genre : musical
Type : documentaire


Hip Hopera fait le portrait de deux stars montantes de la musique : Quentin ‘Jitsvinger’ Goliath, un jeune artiste hip-hop Afrikaans et poète, et Golda Schultz une jeune diva, chanteuse d’opéra de la Cape Town Opera Company.
Chacun va découvrir le milieu de l’autre.

Afrique du Sud, 2008, 24 min
anglais & Afrikaans; sous-titres anglai
Dir: Dylan Valley

Prod: Plexus Films


Hip Hopera profiles two young rising stars from opposite poles. Quentin ‘Jitsvinger’ Goliath is a young Afrikaans hip-hop artist and poet who rhymes strictly in his vernacular. Tall, urban and gritty, with rhymes that are rhythmic and intricate, he represents the voice of the Cape Flats, and is the mouthpiece of a generation of Afrikaans speakers who are finding new ways of using their language. Golda Schultz is a young, award winning opera singer who is part of the Cape Town Opera Company. She is a diva with the spunk of a pop idol. HEADWRAP follows ‘Jitsvinger’ through his first operatic experience and looks on as Golda needs down and dirty, street style.

South Africa, 2008, 24 min
English & Afrikaans; English Subtitles
Dir: Dylan Valley

Prod: Plexus Films
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