Fiche Film
COURT Métrage | 2009
Mujarad Ensan (Naked Human)
Pays concerné : Koweït
Durée : 12 minutes
Genre : action
Type : fiction


Réal : Omar Al-Masab
Koweït, 2009, Noir & Blanc, HDCAM, 12 min


A trip through the evolution of human knowledge – from its most basic and purest essence to its ultimate selfish completion.
The human brain is a vessel that contains any input it wants to feed on. In the second part of a projected trilogy, we follow the development of thought and knowledge.

Kuwait/2009//Black & White/HDCAM/12 mins
Directed by: Omar Al-Masab

Interests: Animation, Mystery Surrealistic

2009 | DIFF, Dubai
* Gulf Voices
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