Fiche Film
LONG Métrage | 2009
Mein Vater. Mein Onkel. (My father. My Uncle.)
Pays concerné : Iraq
Durée : 80 minutes
Genre : portrait
Type : documentaire


Un Irako-Allemand se rend aux Emirats Arabes Unis pour rencontrer la famille de son père qu’il a perdue de vue. Ce touchant documentaire traite des liens familiaux, des différences cultrelles.

Réal : Christoph Heller


An Iraqi-German man travels to the UAE to meet his long-lost Iraqi father’s family in this moving documentary that reflects on family ties, cultural differences and the bond between parents and their children.

A moving documentary, chronicling the story of twenty-six year old, Iraq-born Sinan, who was adopted at birth by his uncle and his German wife. Following the couple’s split a few years later, he was taken by his mother to Germany, where he has lived ever since. In My Father, My Uncle, we watch as Sinan prepares to meet his original family. Knowing little about his Arabic origins or culture, Sinan views the impending encounter with trepidation. While the reunion brings a complex tangle of emotions to the surface, the experience proves to be an enriching and insightful experience for all concerned, as their respective cultures and ideologies are shared and debated.

Directed by: Christoph Heller

Germany/2009/Arabic, English, German dialogue with English subtitles/Colour/HDCAM/80 mins

Producer: Christoph Heller
Cinematographer: Manuel Kinzer
Film Editor: Sophia Kambaki
Production Sound Mixer: Marko Weichler
Composer: Christof Vonderau

Year: 2009
Language: English
Country: Germany
Subtitled: Yes
Colour: Colour
Ratio: 16:9
Length: 080:00
Classification: None

2009 | DIFF, Dubai
* Arabian Nights
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