Fiche Film
LONG Métrage | 2009
Après la chute
Hiner Saleem
Titre anglais : After the Downfall
Pays concerné : Iraq
Réalisateur(s) : Hiner Saleem
Durée : 63
Genre : expérimental
Type : fiction


France/2009/Allemand, kurde/Couleur/DigiBeta/1h03 min
Réal : Hiner Saleem


Baghdad, April 2003. Saddam Hussein’s regime has been toppled, bringing joy and relief to Iraqi-Kurdish exiles everywhere.

As the era of Saddam ends in Iraq, far away in Germany, Azad, a Kurdish exile is glued to the TV screen. He has invited over his exiled Iraqi friends to celebrate the event. They have brought plenty of wine and food. As the guests dance, sing and rejoice together, a continuous stream of images is shown on television – and the initial joy becomes fused with ongoing tensions and betrayals. A documentary-style character drama from the award-winning Hiner Saleem.

France/2009/German, Kurdish dialogue with English subtitles/Colour/DigiBeta/63 mins
Directed by: Hiner Saleem

Interests: Drama, Experimental, Fantasy
Contains: Adult Themes and References – Sexuality – Violence (18+)

2009 | DIFF, Dubai
* Arabian Nights
* Middle East Premiere