Fiche Film
MOYEN Métrage | 2009
Al awda ela al That (Back to one’s roots)
Pays concerné : Territoire palestinien
Durée : 54 minutes
Genre : politique
Type : docu-fiction


Après tout, l’armée votre ennemi est vraiment votre ennemi !

Qatar, Palestine/2009, 54 min
Réal : Bilal Yousef


Back to one’s roots
After all, your enemy’s army is really your enemy!
Yamin is a young Palestinian Druze, his dream was to be an Israeli soldier. But after facing the harsh reality on the ground and having all romantic notions about fighting for a just cause stripped away, he became an ardent opponent to the Israeli army’s policy of recruiting Arabs. This realisation prompts Yamin to not only reject his military ambitions, but to delve into his own history and rediscover his roots.

Qatar, Palestine/2009/ Arabic dialogue with English subtitles/Colour/DigiBeta/54 mins
Directed by: Bilal Yousef

Interests: Docudrama

2009 | DIFF, Dubai
* Muhr Arabic Documentary
* World Premiere Premiere
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