Fiche Film
LONG Métrage | 2006
Quelques kilos de dattes pour un enterrement (Chand kilo khorma baraye marassem-e tadfin)
Pays concerné : Iran (République islamique d’)
Durée : 85 minutes
Type : fiction


Deux employés d’une station service en pleine steppe sont livrés à eux-mêmes depuis la construction d’une déviation…

RÉAL / DIR.: Saman Salour

2006 – Iran – 1h25 min – N&B – 4/3 – VOSTF, 16mm

DVD : Les Films du Paradoxe

Festival des 3 Continents Nantes 2006
* Montgolfière d’Or


A Few kilos of dates for a funeral
Sadry and Yadi work at a petrol station removed from the main traffic routes since the building of a ring road. It is winter and heavy snow lies on the ground. Sadry, a former performing strongman who accidentally lost an eye, is behaving strangely. He takes off from time to time and seems obsessed with the weather. Yadi is in love with a girl from a nearby town and sends her passionate letters via the local postman. Sadry and Yadi occasionally receive a visit from Orooj, the neighbourhood undertaker, their only contact with the exterior.

Sales : DreamLab Films (Le Cannet, France)
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