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ARTS, BEAUX ARTS | Septembre 2012
Black Camera – Close-Up: Precious
Revue : Black Camera
Edition : Indiana University Press
Pays d’édition : États-Unis
Parution : Septembre 2012


Vol. 4, Number 1 – Winter 2012
Table of Contents
The Color of Manhood: Reconsidering Pompey in John Ford’s Man Who Shot Liberty Valance
Abigail Horne
« You Talkin’ Revolution, Sweetback »: On Sweet Sweetback’s Baadasssss Song and Revolutionary Filmmaking
Benjamin Wiggins
Close-Up: Precious
« They Look Way Above Me, Put Me Out of Their Eyes »: Seeing the Subjects in Precious: An Introduction in Two Parts
Suzette Spencer
Tuning into Precious: The Black Women’s Empowerment Adaptation and the Interruptions of the Absurd
Erica R. Edwards
The Precarious Politics of Precious: A Close Reading of a Cinematic Text
Mia Mask
Dialectical Mediation: The Play of Fantasy and Reality in Precious
Katie M. Kanagawa
« I Think I Was Rape »: Black Feminist Readings of Affect and Incest in Precious
Régine Michelle Jean-Charles
Push, Precious, and New Narratives of Slavery in Harlem
Riché Richardson
Acting Out: Counterliteracy Beyond the Ree(a)l
Honey Crawford
The Counterliteracy of Postmelancholy
Margo Natalie Crawford
Commentary: The Abject and the Grotesque: Broken Bodies, Broken Dreams, and the Lost Promise of Harlem
Carol E. Henderson
Commentary: A Collective Appetite: Reception and the White Gaze from Shange to Sapphire
Rebecca Morgan Frank
Close-Up Gallery: Precious
David C. Wall
Africultures Dossier
Representing the Itsembabwoko
Olivier Barlet
Book Reviews
Anne Anlin Cheng. Second Skin: Josephine Baker and the Modern Surface
– Review by: Matthew Pratt Guterl
Archival News
Archive Spotlight: The Image of Black Women in Film Advertising as Seen in the BFC/A’s Hatch-Billops Collection
Paul C. Heyde
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