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DOCUMENT | Novembre 2013
Colonial Culture in France since the Revolution
Nicolas Bancel, Pascal Blanchard, Sandrine Lemaire
Edition : Indiana University Press
Pays d’édition : États-Unis
ISBN : 978-0-253-01045-2
Pages: 648
Parution : 11 Novembre 2013


Translated by Alexis Pernsteiner


Edited by Pascal Blanchard, Sandrine Lemaire, Nicolas Bancel, and Dominic Thomas

« Colonial Culture in France since the Revolution examines several aspects of French colonialism as well as its post-colonial heritage. The collection includes contributions by scholars and literary figures alike. » harles Tshimanga-Kashama, University of Nevada, Reno

This landmark collection by an international group of scholars and public intellectuals represents a major reassessment of French colonial culture and how it continues to inform thinking about history, memory, and identity. This reexamination of French colonial culture, provides the basis for a revised understanding of its cultural, political, and social legacy and its lasting impact on postcolonial immigration, the treatment of ethnic minorities, and national identity.
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