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The Gathering Storm
Pays concerné : Tanzanie
Edition : Mkuki na Nyota Publishers Ltd
Pays d’édition : Tanzanie
ISBN : 9789987082025
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Novel by Hamza Sokko.

The slow awakening of the people of Bulembe to the true meaning of independence encapsulated in the parallel stories of the Kamuyuga family, who shed their old identity and turn into the wealth-grabbing Alkarims, and the Lubele family, who remain exploited peasants.The story is revealed through the eyes of Simon Lubele, son of Bulembe dedicated to real change. Hamza Sokko renders the tranquil beauty of the Anyalungu plateau on which Bulembe lies, deep-rooted customs of its peasants, the crushing twin burdens of static African tradition and oppressive colonial achinery with poignancy and quiet insight.