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Littérature / édition
ROMAN | Décembre 2012
Mona Ombogo-Scott
Pays concerné : Kenya
ISBN : 978-1909224285
Pages: 204
Prix : 0.00
Parution : 01 Décembre 2012


A world of Metal and Stone. A young prince with a destiny. A land in turmoil as the heir to the throne dies and his twin babies are destined to be killed. The Diviners say the children are a sign that an ancient power of Absolute Destruction and Absolute Creation is returning to the Land. Xakuna doesn’t care. He’s determined to save the babes. But what starts out as a rescue mission, turns into something of far greater significance than Xakuna could ever have imagined. The Power made its choice. It chose Xakuna. And the warrior Zerato. This Power can only be wielded when a pair of Vessels, male and female, find each other and connect in a moment of pure ecstasy. Something is coming, and weapons of steel cannot defeat it. What happens when a warrior prince of Metal and Stone is thrown into a world of Love and Magic? Can Xakuna give into the magic coursing through him and his world? A book with a unique taste to the language and imagery, Mona Ombogo’s African heritage make this the freshest new spin on a beautiful fantasy adventure and love story
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