What Can You Learn from 8 Sundance Films with Successful Crowdfunding Campaigns?
février 2014 | Faits de société | Cinéma/TV | États-Unis
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by Oakley Anderson-Moore


From projects that banked K to upwards of M, quite a few films that just premiered at Sundance Film Festival were supported by very successful, but very different, Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns. (And most were launched long before the filmmakers knew they would be premiering in Park City.) In the breakdown below, check out which ones were the most successful, and pick up tips for your next crowdfunding campaign.

By looking at anything from the number of updates made to the types of perks offered, you can tell a lot of about the strategies of the following films and their crowdfunding campaigns. Take a look at these eight films paired together because of similarities – or differences – in their endeavors. (Click on any title to see the original crowdfunding campaign page.)

From High Brow to Low Ball Success

Here’s a look at two campaigns for narrative films that were successful with completely different strategies. Dear White People raised their funds primarily through inexpensive twitter shout-outs from a sizable audience of 1,318 funders, while A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night succeeded with a fraction of the supporters who donated for high value rewards like classy soirees and rare posters.


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