Haitian Leaders Blasted WPLG, NBC6, CBS4, And WSVN For Supporting Jovenel Moise
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During the beginning of 2020, Haiti's opposition leaders and the Haitian population announced more protests against the current President 'Jovenel Moise' and 'PHTK' because they believe that the current President 'Jovenel Moise' is nothing but a puppet installed by the U.S. in order to keep the power and the privileges they get from the poorest country in the world that they've done nothing for called Haiti.

From 2017 until today, millions of protesters have taken to the streets to protest against the current Haitian Government led by 'Jovenel Moise' and 'PHTK' so they can install their own leaders and Government to lead the country in the right direction. Unfortunately, according to the reports from local media, the current Haitian Government led by 'Jovenel Moise' and 'PHTK' refused to step down and keep allowing the U.S. along with the U.S. organizations and media to continue the games that they are playing with Haiti and Haitians.

"I think what you allow is what will continue and I am on the Haitian population side because I am feeling the same pain that they are feeling.", said Mr. Werley Nortreus.

During the year 2018, let's not forget that the U.S. Citizens and all the U.S. media were not ashamed to call Haiti a 'shithole country' after all, even when Haiti is part of America and the United Nations. Honestly, the U.S. Citizens and the U.S. media wouldn't dare to call Haiti names if the Haitian Revolution leaders like Toussaint Louverture, Jean-Jacques Dessalines, and the others were still alive because they would declare war immediately for the disrespect. 


"There's something wrong with these people if they believe they were the only race created in God's image and I don't know why they are acting like black people are inferior to them. Mental illness.", said Mr. Werley Nortreus.

Sadly, the Haitian population was surprised to see how the current Haitian Government was quiet when the U.S. called Haiti a 'shithole country'. Let's not forget that Haitians are the first black nation that won a successful anti-slavery and anti-colonial insurrection. Because of that, the people in Haiti believe that the U.S. along with some other countries and the puppets that the U.S. put in power are responsible for all the misery and poverty that's going on in Haiti. Let's not forget that the countries in America are well-developed and rich in industries but how come Haiti never prosper, even when Haiti is part of America and the United Nations.

"Haitians are being punished for being the first black nation that helped and Taught many countries how to get their freedom. Through the years, Haiti is being punished for the liberation of many slaves around the world. Unfortunately, that's why they don't want Haiti to prosper.", said Mr. Werley Nortreus.

On January 2020, news media organizations like WPLG, NBC6, WSVN, CBS4 from South Florida or across the United States spoke and some went to Haiti and met with the current Haitian President 'Jovenel Moise' so they can encourage him to stay in office because they would hate to see Haiti take the next step and progress.

Don’t forget how angry the protesters are and how they burn the U.S. Flag. Unfortunately, having WPLG, NBC6, CBS4, WSVN in Haiti will cause another deadly protest.

"I think those media should stay away and mind their business because I don't think the opposition leaders and the Haitian population want something to do with them because their puppet 'Jovenel Moise is no longer wanted. They are not welcome at all and I hope they know how dangerous this can end.", said Mr. Werley Nortreus on Twitter.

From 2017 until today, millions of people across Haiti have taken to the streets to demand a new government because the majority of Presidents and Prime Ministers who used to be in power failed them. All the protests and chaos in Haiti mean that the population in Haiti doesn't want a new Government established by the U.S. or anything else but by them, so the current Haitian President 'Jovenel Moise' and 'PHTK' must step down.

"It looks like the Haitian population wants to become one and work with Venezuela, Africa, and Russia. Not the U.S. at all.", said Jean Lewis.


"I don't think the current Haitian Government is aware of how Haitians in the Diaspora get treated like nothing.", said one protester on Zenith FM, Bon Déjeuner! Radio, Radio Television Caraibes.

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